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The year 4 children attended their first residential trip this week. As part of the children’s learning during the Spring term they attended Beaumanor Hall in Leicestershire for a 2 night stay. You may have seen them eagerly awaiting to load the coach to set off on Monday morning and they returned on Wednesday afternoon. The trip provides the children with the valuable experience of staying away from home and the opportunity to build on friendships with the use of various teambuilding exercises.

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Dear Diary,

You will not believe the week I’ve had! First it was a normal school day but then we were getting on the bus to residential. It took an hour to get to Beaumanor Hall. We finally got there and got into our first activity which was the teambuilding activity. Then we did the bridge building and learnt how to do a square lashing knot and a lashing knot. Next, we did hide and seek in the cellar and only the seekers could have their torches on to find the hiders. Then we did the Iron Age facts and I found out that the Celts lived in a round house. Finally, we did the night line, the survival and the warrior training. At the night line we had a go on obstacles. First we did it with a partner and then we did it alone. With the survival training you had to make a ramp, then you had to make it waterproof and windproof. In the warrior training you had to pretend you were a Celtic warrior. I really loved the trip and I cannot wait for the 6 residential. - Amelie J.

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Dear Diary,

I woke up with lots of chatty and giggling girls around me. We all went to the bathrooms to brush our teeth and hair. Then, we all lined up to go for breakfast. I really enjoyed some hash browns, beans and a sausage. After breakfast we all walked back to the cabins to get ready for the day. When we got back we changed into our waterproofs. Miss Worster had won rock, paper, scissors against Miss Duckworth so we chose to do bridge building first. We followed the instructor up to the grass by the river. He showed us how to tie some knots and then let us build our bridge. Mostly we all came up with great designs but as we crossed the river... some of us fell in! Then it was lunch time! We had sandwiches, raisins, crisps, Malt loaf, a Freddo and apple juice. It was tasty! Then it was time for team games on the field and then we went into the sports hall to play a game called the human cranes - It was really tricky to solve how to get the cup but it was also really funny when we kept all falling over! By this point we were all so tired. We went back to the cabins to have a shower and get changed and then we were ready for dinner - so it was back to the main building. We had a great dinner of mash, carrots, broccoli and a giant sausage...and for pudding it was donuts! Now it was time for the night activity! This time we had the 'night line'. This was an obstacle course in the woods - in the dark and we had a blind fold on. We had to really trust our partners to help us. By the end of this, we were all so muddy and tired so we all played hand clap games whilst we waited for the others to finish. Then we headed back to the cabins for a wash, hot chocolate and some biscuits. After, we brushed our teeth and stumbled into bed. We all fell asleep really quickly because we were very, very, VERY tired! - Rei D 

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