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Our Vision for Science at Brixworth Primary School

At Brixworth Primary School, we envisage that every child who leaves our school will have developed a strong interest in the world around them. As scientists, our children will engage in scientific enquiry and experimentation and develop a secure knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Our learners will develop this through our Scientific Key Concepts: 

  • Biology This concept involves understanding and appreciating the nature of living things in the world around us. It draws upon our global citizenship and understanding of how environmental change can affect living things and their habitats.
  • Chemistry This concept involves understanding the properties and behaviour of materials in the world around us. It asks questions of how natural objects link science with history and geography, such as rocks and fossils. It brings an appreciation of the world’s natural resources and how they are used.
  • Physics This concept involves understanding the nature of energy and how it behaves, including forces, light and sound, and space. It allows our children to develop an awe and appreciation of the world beyond our own planet.
  • Working Scientifically This concept involves understanding the nature, processes and methods of science, embedded within the context of biology, chemistry and physics. It allows our children to develop their learning behaviours of being resilient, resourceful, reflective and collaborative as they use different types of scientific enquiries to ask and answer relevant scientific questions. Through practical enquiry and the freedom to develop their own investigations, our children will develop a sense of awe and wonder about life.

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