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Our Vision for Design and Technology at Brixworth Primary School

At Brixworth Primary School, we envisage that every DT learner who leaves our school will have the skills to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems. They will take risks, be resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens. They will have a critical understanding of the impact of technology on daily life and the wider world.  Our learners will develop this knowledge and understanding through our Design and Technology Key Concepts: 

  • Technical Knowledge - This concept involves developing the skills and knowledge needed to make high quality products. This links to our vision that our children will be lifelong learners; giving them the skills to be resilient, resourceful and reflective enabling them to master these skills for use throughout their life. By doing so, it will foster their spiritual development giving them a sense of belonging in their family, school and community.
  • Design – This concept involves generating, developing, modelling and communicating ideas in order to design high-quality prototypes and products. As part of the design process children will develop as lifelong learners by being resourceful and collaborative as they learn from the designs and ideas of others.
  • Make – This concept involves selecting and using a range of tools, equipment, materials and components to make high quality prototypes and products. This process will develop our children as lifelong learners embedding the skills of collaborative learning to achieve their finished product.
  • Evaluate – This concept involves exploring and analysing a range of existing products as well as evaluating, reflecting and improving on their own ideas and products. They will demonstrate skills of resilience and reflection to evaluate and improve their product. They will also embed their spiritual development skills through responding to their thoughts and convictions and put into action what they believe and value.

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