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"The school has a lovely, friendly atmosphere and very good teachers/ helpers."

"As a new parent to Reception I am amazed by how much my child has learnt already. The observations on the interactive learning diary are informative, frequent and of good quality. The phonics cards for home are fab. Thank you to all the Reception team."

"I’m extremely pleased with Brixworth school. My children moved to Brixworth Primary this academic year (Sept 2022) and we have all noticed a huge improvement in their general happiness, engagement, energy and learning behaviour."

"We couldn't wish for a more amazing school than this for our daughter to attend. She always looks forward to coming into school and is enthusiastic about all aspects of her learning."

"I have had three children attend Brixworth and all of them have loved the school. We have had no issues or concerns thankfully although if we did I'm sure it would be dealt with properly and efficiently. I would highly recommend this school to others. Thank you to all the staff throughout the years for supporting each of my children and giving them the best experience of primary school."

"Brixworth Primary has really been the making of all 3 of my children. It's a kind, nurturing environment and all 3 have really thrived. The staff always go above and beyond and are really outstanding. My littlest loves her teachers and feeling safe, secure and enjoying her learning has given her so much confidence she is no longer the shy little wall flower she once was. Thank you to you all."

"Brixworth Primary is a wonderful school I will be very sad to say goodbye at the end of this academic year. The school encourages and supports the children to do their best and in my experience every day is a happy one. Without any doubt the school has provided both my children with strong foundations for moving onto the next phase and secondary school life."


'We are so pleased with * transition from Pre-school to Brixworth Primary. Staff have been amazing and she absolutely loves coming to school. Thank you!'

'* is loving year 1 with a great teacher and teaching assistant which make her feel welcome each morning with a smile, I feel I can ask them anything and they will deal and acknowledge all my concerns. Thank you'

'We couldn't wish for our daughter to be at a better school. She always looks forward to going to school and has flourished both academically and socially since being here. Thank you to all the staff and teachers for being so wonderful!'

'My child was extremely well supported during lockdown and was able to engage with his teacher daily. This meant that he continued to be engaged with his learning. Thank you.'

'I am very grateful to the wonderful staff throughout the school who have always supported us, especially during a very difficult couple of years due to COVID-19. As a result my child is doing well at school both academically as well as personally, socially and emotionally. Thank you'

'I love Brixworth and recommend it to everyone. The Headteacher, the teachers are all so lovely and such a good team that my children thrive in their environment and are having such a happy childhood.'

'Our daughter has had a wonderful time at Brixworth Primary and every school year we have been so pleased with the progress she has made.'


'Thank you. How lovely to read her report. I'm glad * has been a pleasure to teach. She has loved your class. You've been a wonderful teacher and given her such a great start to school and learning. We will miss you!'

'Wow! What a super report and a fantastic time in Year 2. * has had another amazing time (sadly shortened under current circumstances) but has made great progress in his time with you. You are extremely supportive and caring and you understood * so well. He enjoyed every day at school. You have equipped and enabled * to go into Year 3 with all the skills and knowledge he needs to achieve great things again.'

'We were very delighted reading the lovely comments in * report and seeing her achievements, although we were not surprised. * has thoroughly enjoyed year 6, such as shame it was shortened due to the pandemic. We are extremely proud parents.'

'We feel happy and proud reading * report. His time at school has been difficult but he has still achieved good results. Lets hope this continues in Year 4 with his new teacher, and he is a happy boy once again.'

'Thankyou for this report. I feel that overall this is a fairly accurate reflection of * achievements over Year 2. We have worked on his basic skills in phonics, spelling, reading, writing and maths over the last few months and these are now more secure, especially spelling and writing which are * least favourite subjects. * is aware that he needs to work very hard in Year 3 to listen and concentrate so that he can achieve his full potential. I am sure Mrs * will support with this and I am very pleased he will be in her class again next year.'

'Thank you so much for your input with * over the past year. This report reflects the * we know and we see how happy he is with you. He was so excited to come back to school after the lockdown and I think that says it all.'

'Just wanted to say what a fantastic, enthusiastic and inspiring teacher you have been to both * and previously *. They are very lucky to have both ended their final school year with you. A big thank you from us. I would also like to thank Brixworth Primary for managing the COVID situation with such professionalism, thoughtfulness and competence.'




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