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Our Vision for History at Brixworth Primary School

At Brixworth Primary School, we envisage that every historical learner will develop an understanding of how their lives are affected by the events of the past; a knowledge of the sequence of key events; an understanding of historical concepts; an ability to question sources and accounts and an enjoyment of history. Our learners will develop this knowledge and understanding through our History key concepts: 

  • Enquiry – This concept involves understanding what has happened throughout history and how we can find out about historical events. This links to spiritual awareness as children will have their own thoughts and convictions about past events.
  • Events, People & Changes (in World History) – This concept involves the understanding that our present is because of our past and that people in each time had an impact on today’s society and how we live. This links to spiritual development as children will have an understanding of what other people have been through and will develop a sense of awe for these people.
  • Chronology – This concept involves understanding the order of past events and what was happening in world history in different places around the world at certain times. This links to global citizenship as children will gain an understanding of where they come from and how other people in other countries have had their own world history.

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