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Our Vision for RE at Brixworth Primary School

At Brixworth Primary School, we envisage that every learner who leaves our school will be able to reflect on their own beliefs and values. They will have a good knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and values of a range of religions and non-religious worldviews. Our learners will develop this knowledge and understanding through our RE Key Concepts:

  • Making sense of beliefs – This concept involves identifying and making sense of religious and non-religious concepts and beliefs. Our learners develop a sense of awe and wonder when studying a range of religions and worldviews. They have the ability to empathise that ensures respect for themselves and each other.
  • Understanding the impact – This concept involves examining how and why people put their beliefs into action in diverse ways, within their everyday lives, within their communities and in the wider world. This links with being a global citizen as our learners will develop an understanding and respect for different faiths across our planet.
  • Making connections – This concept involves reasoning about, reflecting on, evaluating and connecting the concepts, beliefs and practices studied. Our learners are required to be resourceful by developing their curiosity about other beliefs. They can ask big questions and challenge ideas whilst being respectful towards others.



R.E. at Brixworth is taught in accordance with the Northamptonshire SACRE agreed syllabus. The aims are:

  • to develop religious literacy
  • to acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other principal religions and world views represented in the United Kingdom
  • to develop an understanding of the influence of the beliefs, values and traditions on individuals, communities, societies and cultures
  • to develop attitudes of respect towards other people who hold views and beliefs different from their own
  • to develop the ability to make reasoned and informed judgements about religious issues, with reference to the principal religions and world views represented locally and in the United Kingdom.

Pupils learn about Christianity and Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism, as well as exploring secular life stances such as Humanism, where appropriate.

In accordance with the requirements of the 1944 Education Act and the Education Reform Act, 1988, the school has a daily assembly for collective worship.

As Brixworth Primary is a Church of England Voluntary Controlled school, Collective Worship is of a broadly Christian nature and is flexible enough to match the ages, aptitudes and backgrounds of our children. In addition, our collective worship promotes our vision and values of the school by developing the children’s love and concern for others as well as their own self-worth. Representatives from local churches regularly attend to conduct an assembly and may in addition be asked to take part in the services that take place at the Parish Church. Each year group participates in a service at the church, usually linked to the church calendar.

A parent has the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education or from Collective Worship. Arrangements for withdrawal should be made with the Headteacher.



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