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Last week, Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a trip to Holdenby House for a WW2 Evacuee experience where they learnt about rationing and preparing food of the time. They also learnt about air raid precautions, first aid and clothes rationing. Many of the children dressed up as an evacuee to complement the experience. They all thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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My trip was very fun. When we got there we went into an air raid shelter and experienced some scary sounds. There was also a point where the lights got turned off and there was a lot of screaming. After the lights got turned back on we left the air raid shelter and we went into a building where they did some chopping, grating and peeling. If there were any scraps left from the peeling, we would put them in a bucket where they would be fed to the pigs. When we finished, we washed our hands and went to the next activity which was knitting! Knitting was one of my favourite parts of the day. It was not just knitting, we also sorted buttons with colour differences. After knitting was over, we had lunch and played Chinese whispers. We also sang a song that we had learnt on Tuesday. Finally, we got on the bus and got a sticker.

By Kameron, Year 6 

Today we went to Holdenby House. We started our day by getting into groups, then my group went into the kitchen first. We got taught about things like rations and why they are important. Then everyone got a part to play in the kitchen. I helped with cutting the food. Next, we went to the air raid shelter. They told us the importance of them and then played sounds of sirens and bombs and also turned the lights out! The last thing we did was go to the bedroom where we learnt a bit more about the blitz. Then we were taken to a different room where we had the choice to organise buttons, make pom poms or knit something. Eventually, the day sadly ended. I learnt lots of new things and also had lot of fun 

- By Opa, Year 6


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