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On Wednesday 7th June, years 3 and 4 children enjoyed a trip to Twycross Zoo as part of their science topic on Living Things and Their Habitats. They spent the day exploring and discovering the world around them and the amazing animals, of which they have over 400 including 80 species. 

Dear Diary,

Today I went to the zoo. First we saw the monkeys. Next we saw the penguins and one did a flip in the water. It was amazing! Then we went to the tiger cage but the tigers were asleep and someone banged on the glass and the tiger woke up.  We were so scared and then it looked at me and I got frightened. Next, we went to the flamingos. Then we saw a baby flamingo. We were all very excited and we wanted to hold it because it was so cute. Next we went to see the giraffes. They were so big and huge! Then we saw the zebra. They were very funny. They made me laugh a lot and also made my friends laugh. It was so cool. Finally, we saw the gibbons in their room. One was very good at swinging from the ropes and attached to the roof.- By Amelie J, Year 3 

Dear Diary,

On Wednesday 7th June, I went to Twycross Zoo with the rest of Year 3 and 4. We went to the Gibbon Forest where there were monkeys and gibbons. Everyone loved seeing them. One of them even came up to Elisha and was banging on the window. It was amazing! We also went to see some flamingos. I loved them! I think everyone else did too! The penguins were so cute. When I saw them, I was so excited. Me and one of my friends did a race to see whose penguin would jump into the water first. I lost. We saw the giraffes too. They were huge! We had a delicious lunch and a nice cold drink. At the end of the day we all went to the park. Then we went back to school. I had a lot of fun at Twycross Zoo.- By Jessica P, Year 4

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