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During Novermber, the year 5 and year 6 athletics team were invited to represent Brixworth Primary School in a Sportshall Athletics competition at Moulton School and Science College. They did exceptionally well and won the district competition by 68 points!

“On Tuesday 22nd November, a group of year 5s and year 6s went on a bus to Moulton school to do some sports and athletics. We went into the hall and waited for the event to begin. Before the girls left to do the field events they did an obstacle relay race which included speed bounce, hurdles and quick feet. After a quickexplanation from one of the coaches, all of the girls went over to the fields events and the boys stayed to do the track events. Brixworth did the standing triple jump, chest push, and speed bounce. The students from Moulton school were very helpful during the events. Brixworth boys won almost every track race and came second on one race. Then, we switched. After all of the events had been completed, one of the helpers announced the results. We had won by 68 points! We were given wooden trophies as a reward and we are really looking forward to the next competition in January. When we got back to school the next day we were congratulated by our peers, classmates and teachers.” - By Isabelle G



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