Swimming Gala - Tuesday 15th November

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Arriving at Daventry Leisure Centre, excitement rushed through us. Nerves began to kick in as we enter the colossal building and ate our lunch. Exhilarated we gazed at the immense swimming pool, that was separated into 6 lanes. Quickly we got changed and headed to the poolside along with the other schools including East Haddon, Sywell, Newnham, The Grange, Ashby Fields, WSSES, Great Creaton, The Bramptons, Crick and many more.



Next we went to practice our strokes in the pool for our big moment. After that we curiously waited for the races to commence. Thrilled. The first race was the Medley Relay. Excitedly, Harry scored us a big win with 25m butterfly.


Eventually we had the Cannon race which consisted of a huge relay race that everyone took part in. All together we were placed a magnificent 4 out of 17 schools! Wow! It was an unforgettable             experience.                                                                                    

Georgina N and Ettie G


Our team: Harry F, Oscar L, Lucas M, Nick H, Bethany Y, Catriona R, Joshua Berwick, Ettie G and Georgina N.