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Parent Comments and Views


'We are so pleased to read * report. She has loved her time in foundation. We have felt totally reassured that we made the right choice of school for * and * has been brilliant in developing and supporting * as have the classroom assistants. Thank you so much for giving her a great start to her school experience – it has been lovely watching her learn and flourish, we couldn’t ask for more.'

'We are absolutely delighted with * report and the results of the phonics test. * has been an excellent teacher, which is clearly reflected in his achievements. Whilst we are not aware of the rationale behind the Year Two class selections, we trust your judgement of the school and look forward to seeing an equally strong performance as * is encouraged and stretched to his full potential during the 19-20 school year.'

'We are really pleased with * performance this year. She has had to deal with a number of challenges and she’s handled them with great maturity. Everyday she has been keen to go to school and is always happy. She has especially enjoyed forest school very much and is always keen to read us a book.'

'Looking back at * time at Brixworth I am beyond grateful for all of the experiences he has been through. * this year has had the ability to be understanding and patient which has allowed * to feel confident in being himself. She has supported him on some emotional hard days always showing kindness and strength. Thank you.'

'* has had genuinely the best year in school that he has ever had, and this is down to you *. It been great to see him growing and progressing more than ever. What ever you’ve been doing this year, it worked for *. I really appreciate that you’ve been approachable, encouraging, understanding patient and very positive all year around.'


'What an amazing school year * has had. He has absolutely loved every minute of this year in * class. * has taken the time to get to know * and made him feel part of a team this year, knowing that he can be save being himself and contributing in his own way.'

'Well a parent couldnt want to read a nicer report, I am so proud. She and us have been very happy with all aspects of this year at school.'

'Thank you so much * for all you have done for *. She has loved being in your class and you have really helped to develop her love for learning. She will miss you being her teacher but she is excited to move into year 3.'

'We are just over the moon with * report. Thank you to all the early years team for making * first year exiting, sun, enriching and engaging. We are very pleased to see his effort scores are equally as high and feel this is because you have taught in a way that engages him and captures his imagination. He now has the best skills and knowledge to make a flying start in year 1.'

'Thank you for such a personal report * which shows just how much you know my daughter. She has had a fantastic year and you have given her the confidence to start believing in herself and her own abilities. Your words show the connection you have with * and the dedication you have which makes you a truely amazing teacher.'




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The schools's core values of Inclusion, Aspiration, Excellence and Respect are central to its ethos and culture and connect to the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerence of those with different faiths and beliefs.


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