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Brixworth School is now using Rocksteady Music School to provide music lessons.

Learning to play their favourite songs, is a great way of getting into Electric Guitar, Drums, Keyboard and Vocals. Especially under the leadership of real rock musicians and in tune with the rest of their bandmates.

Rehearsing for 30 minutes a week for a live performance is a fun way for kids to build their self-confidence, develop life skills and show the people that matter to them just what they’re capable of. Rocksteady teach by rehearsing, listening, copying and playing together, so kids experience the benefits of group learning in every sense. Following the weekly band sessions in school time, they get to record the songs they’ve rehearsed and perform them to a live audience. This is where you get to be a proud parent and see what a long way they’ve come - and just how far they could go.

‘On Tuesday 29th January, some people from Rocksteady Music came and told us all out music and instruments. They had two guitars, one keyboard, two microphones and a drum kit – they were amazing!’

(AJ M YR 5)

‘Yesterday, Rocksteady Music School came to talk to us all about music. In the morning, they played songs and showed us the instruments. Last lesson it was year 5 and 6’s turn to have our Rocksteady workshop. Some of us got to play the instruments. I loved the whole experience! It was super fun!

(Izzy T YR 5)

Rocksteady is awesome! I’m going to sign up straight away. They can play lots of pop songs including Shotgun. I played the keyboard (two E notes). I love Rocksteady!

(Noah B YR 5)

‘Yesterday was awesome! We had Rocksteady come to our school. It was an amazing experience for all of us. If you sign up you get to choose what rock instrument you would like to play and then you can play your favourite songs as a band and even write your own lyrics!’

(Lucas H YR 5)

For more information please visit https://www.rocksteadymusicschool.com/parents/

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