Football Tournament - Thursday 13th October

On Thursday 13th October after school, we were excited to be going to the Daventry South cluster Year 5 and 6 Football Tournament. It was held at Moulton School. We made our way over on a mini bus.

Excited to get started, our first opponents were Boughton School. Our first match was a loss and they won 2-1. Eager to claim a win we played against Moulton School B to forage a 2-1 win. The battle to claim the trophy.

Next up was our 4-0 win against Sywell School, it was an eventful game.

Later on we played in the Brixworth Derby:Brixworth A vs Brixworth B! Delighted we won 1-0, despite scoring a goal just after the whistle blew which could have made it 2-0.

Our final game was against Moulton School A, which we unfortunately lost 1-0. However we still came second place overall! We were delighted!

Oscar Lile and Jack Wootliff Year 6

The team consisted of:

William Button, Blake Seabrook, Bailey Darkes, Leo Miller, Jack Wootliff, Jake Hood, Josh Gillett and Oscar Lile.


Last Thursday, the Brixworth B Team travelled to Moulton School and took part in a Football               Tournament. We took part in 5 games and they were all very fun. We played against Moulton School A and Moulton School B, Boughton School, Sywell School and lastly Brixworth A.

At our first match we were very excited. We played against Moulton B, luckily we won 2-0! We had 2 more matches after that. We then played Sywell School who we beat 6-1! We were very proud.

Then our rivals came… Brixworth A! We tried our best but we lost 1-0 against them, however we kept the spirit up!

Then the announcement came, we were third! We were so happy!

Lucas Morton and Nick Hoppe Year 6

The team consisted of:

Max King, Phoebe Carter, Finley Kelly,Nick Hoppe, Joshua Berwick, Harry Welek, Lucas Morton and Owen Mitchell.