Learning in Foundation Stage

Learning in Foundation Stage

  • Written by Brixworth CE Primary School

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Below are the Summer term learning activities for Foundation Stage pupils.

Personal, Social

and Emotional development

To show care and concern for others, for animals and the environment.

To understand what is ‘right and wrong’

Consider the consequences of their words and actions

Physical Development

To develop confidence and ability on large apparatus.

To use a range of large and small equipment and to develop their existing skills.

To recognise the importance of keeping healthy, particularly in warm weather

Communication, Language and Literacy

To continue to learn to read and write di-graphs, tri-graphs, and to learn the letter names.

To develop writing skills through news writing, labelling and imaginative writing.

To continue to encourage children to speak clearly and to listen carefully during group, class and school situations.

To develop reading skills through individual and paired reading and in daily Letters and Sounds lessons.


To continue to recite number names to 30 and beyond.

To learn to correctly write numbers to 20.

To be able to say 1 more and 1 less than a given number for all numbers to 20.

To continue to develop addition and subtraction skills to 20, including finding own methods for calculations. 

To solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.

To measure and compare length and height, weight and capacity.

To continue to learn about time and money.

Understanding of the World To observe and find out about different types of animals, where they live and what they need.
To investigate different forms of transport.
To use programmable toys and cameras within our learning
Expressive Arts and Design To recognise and explore different percussion instruments.
To learn new songs about animals and transport.
To draw pictures from observation and by using their imagination.
To participate in topic related dances and role-play.  
Weekly Home Learning Our weekly 'home learning1 will be in the home-school message book each Friday for the following week.