Excellence, Aspiration, Inclusion, Respect

'Year 1 went to the church to do our Harvest Festival. We liked the beautiful flowers in the church. We sang the hymn and said a poem together. Then each class went to the front of the church to say their story raps; Mrs Stiles’ class did ‘The Little Red Hen’ and Mrs Palmer’s class did ‘The Enormous Turnip’. We had lots of fun and feel very proud of ourselves.  I liked it when we rapped the story of the Little Red Hen.'  

Honour W Yr1

'I liked the inside of the church and I liked sitting in the pews.'       

Harry L Yr1

'I liked singing our hymn.'     

Tyler F Yr1

'I liked walking to the church because we had a partner and I went with my best friend.'

Olivia-Rose R Yr1

'We liked doing the Harvest prayer at the end.'

Grace G & Alex T Yr1

'I liked saying the enormous turnip story.'      

Riley C Yr1

'I liked it when the mouse pulled the turnip out in our class poem.'

Harry H Yr1

'I saw the crosses,  coloured windows and some candles in the church.'

Dillon B Yr1

'My favourite bit was everything, I liked it when I spoke and said “Thank you for the food, “ but there were butterflies in my tummy.'

Florence P Yr1

'I liked the candles and the altar in the church, I saw the  coloured glass windows.'

Chloe T Yr1


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Our Values

The schools's core values of Inclusion, Aspiration, Excellence and Respect are central to its ethos and culture and connect to the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerence of those with different faiths and beliefs.


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